Dear Students

Welcome to the Introduction to Business - BU110 Section 1 on Mondays and Fridays in person at 1pm room 65. Each week there will be also assignment (hybrid) on line so please make sure you will go to the PCC Portal (here), download/copy the assignment and work on it.

Please make sure you will read the instructions carefully, do your assignments and submit them as soon as possible. Check the deadline and be ahead or on time. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to write me an email me via this platform.

I know you like to be the best students - the best as you can be!!! I am sure you will be successful if you put your mind in it!
Good luck!

I am your instructor: Danka Ledgerwood and I am an Associate Professor at PCC for 13 years since January 1st, 2008, and I will make sure as always I will be as best as I can be to help you to explain and discuss all topics in this class.

So please do not be shy to ask questions if you have any or clarify if anything is not clear.